Prodi (Professional Distributors Limited) is a leading specialist Automotive Master Distributor for New Zealand, Australia, Asia and South Pacific. With over 35,000 product lines, Prodi distributes high quality automotive accessories

The best product

Prodi has distribution agreements with leading brands. We are always looking for high quality leading products, and are only interested in exclusive master distribution agreements. We are not interested in investing marketing and distribution effort to grow a product unless we can secure the future sales of the product.

We sell the best, to the best

Prodi works with leading automotive retailers to help increase their sales and gross profit by making it easy to accessory add products that compliment your brands.  Are you leaving money on the table?  Contact the team at Prodi to find out how we can help you improve your bottom line and draw more customers into your business.

Marketing Support

Assistance on display and show trucks and retail displays and shows: Talk to us about your marketing activities and we can help you make your product stand out, and drive sales. Check out our retail displays and collaboration show trucks with Heavy Trucks and Kings of Chrome.

Assistance on social Media

Prodi can help you drive your sales through social media. Leverage our skills, experience and resources to increase your likes, engagement and sales with quality content and advice. See how we helped retailer Heavy Trucks increase their facebook ROI here


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