Kings of Chrome uses Prodi exclusively. Prodi's fully manages their online retail shop with all 18,000+ products. Kings of Chrome supplied Prodi their logos, banners and brand guidelines, ew updated everything for them and sent them a link which they then link to their website as a popup store, and drive traffic to it. kings of Chrome can if they choose limit the products on offer depending on your target market, and customise pricing. and Prodi maintain the site, handle secure payment/refunds, maintain inventory, handle brownbox drop shipping to ensure it appears the order was shipped from your retail store, and at the end of the following month, we run a report and transfer retailers with online stores commission to their bank account. this allowed kings of Chrome to have a major online shop with huge range, competitive pricing, with next to no work, investment or risk. It left them free to focus on marketing and driving traffic. Prodi helped them here as well, with assistance on social media promotions and marketing. We also connected them with bricks and mortar retailer Heavy Trucks to work together on a collaboration truck. Prodi likes to work with retailers as a partner. if we can help you increase your sales through better presenting and marketing our products, your sales and ours will increase. Talk to us about your customers and lets work together to help you easily increase your sales into the lucrative automotive accessory business.

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